About Meghan

I started out as a graphic designer and marketing professional, then gained a master's degree in User Experience Design and have since become an experienced tech startup founder and product designer.


I am from the Pacific Northwest, but now I located in the mountains of Asheville, NC with my family and enjoy spending time outdoors, learning new crafting and cooking skills, and sitting on the porch with my cat.

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Dan Radin, CEO and Founder of Auxbus

"She's an outstanding communicator, researcher, and voice of the customer in every facet of our business."


Sara Stewart, CEO of Clade Design

"She excelled at leading her own projects, always considering ethnographic and user-based data, while coming up with solutions that married business requirements, marketing techniques, and design principles."


Calie Brummer, Content and SEO Specialist

"Meghan is one of my favorite people to work with; for her sharp knowledge, her candor and her limitless supply of information..."

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