VP of Operations (Formerly Director of Product & UX Design)


Auxbus is a software tool that makes creating a podcast easy and accessible to people without technical or audio experience. The app features a uniquely intuitive process for planning, recording, and launching a podcast.


My Role

At Auxbus, I handled many tasks within operations including leading the product and marketing teams. My focus was on developing and refining strategies for product design and improvements to UX and increasing awareness of the company, as well as monitoring and promoting efficiency in day-to-day activities.





Want to make a podcast?

Check it out > Auxbus.com

Sr. UX Designer

Share My Health

Share My Health is an open-source platform for people to share their health records with others.

My Role

On this project, I designed the user experience for both individuals and the organizations that they share their health information with. The project required onsite user research with community support organizations in Albany, NY. I took the project from user research and information architecture to the visual design phase. 

Videntity Workflow - Use Case 1 - Side b
CBO App 2.1 Dashboard – Search “Danielle
Senior UX Designer


Treat is a telehealth and pet food subscription app aimed at making access to advice and support from a veterinarian available to busy people.


My Role

With Treat I lead user interviews which informed a detailed user research report. I designed wireframes to simplify the user experience and worked alongside a talented illustrator and UI designer to create the final visual designs.

Product Designer

AVL Food Truck

Coming soon! The easiest way to find a food truck in Asheville.