Work Process

User Research

Understanding the user is essential to launching a successful product and running a thriving business. I conduct user research through various methods including on-site interviews, surveys, and focus groups. A well put together user research report helps form strong user personas and is also an asset to business strategy and marketing teams.

Work Process

Information Architecture

Identifying and architecting all the data and assets that will be presented to users is key to building a a intuitive navigation system and resolving issues caused by disorganization of information.

Information Architecture - Initial Overv
Videntity Workflow - Use Case 1 - Side b
Work Process


My user workflows, also called an "experience map," show each action a user takes to navigate the experience. They can show every possible interaction, but also what the steps are to complete a specific step.

Work Process


Wireframes the rough outlines of how each screen will be built before the visual design and development step allows for testing the user experience before spending precious time and money on building the product.

Work Process

Visual Designs

After the wireframes have been tested and refined, visual designs aid developers in engineering the live product for users. Pixel perfect visual designs can also be turned into interactive prototypes that help stakeholders and investors see the vision in action.

Work Process

Content Strategy

What users see is only one part of the experience, what they read or hear is important. I help develop the language that provides consistency and context for them to have a successful experience with the product they're using. This isn't just about what the words on the page say, but how they're organized and understood from within the business and used within marketing.

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